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Counseling Center

Intern Training

The Counseling Center is a clinical training site for graduate-level counseling interns and practicum students, supervised by licensed psychologists who are full-time staff members.

Interns will identify themselves to students as such. Use of qualified graduate students and interns help the center provide more staff to the campus community.

If you are interested in applying for a graduate intern or practicum position, please fill out Understanding the Requirements of the CSU Counseling Center to let us know that our program would be an appropriate fit with your program. To formally apply, please email your résumé to the Administrative Assistant, Christy Cook. You may also reach out to her at 706-507-8741 if you have any questions. After receiving your form and résumé, she will pass along your information for review and we will reach out to you.

Please note: It is our policy, in accordance with similar policies in other university counseling centers, that we cannot accept former clients as interns, regardless of their field of study. This does not include Masters' Program students who have participated in department-mandated Process Groups.